A Galaxy-Based Multi-Omic Informatics Hub for Cancer Researchers

Award Type: 
U24 - Resource-Related Research Projects--Cooperative Agreements
Award Year: 
Principal Investigator(s): 
Timothy Griffin
University of Minnesota
This project will extend and enhance the widely used Galaxy platform to enable multi-omics data integration and analysis to support cancer research. Galaxy is a web-based genomic data analysis system that allows users to construct multi-step data processing and analysis workflows using graphical user interface without the need of special bioinformatics expertise. It has gained high popularity among bench scientists and now has over 50,000 registered users. The proposed development leverages on the success of the Galaxy platform and will expand to areas of proteomic and metabolomic informatics to allow integrated multi-omics data analysis. Examples of use case include integrating metabolite profiles with genomic and/or proteomic data to connect gene and protein variants to metabolic activity, integrating RNA-seq data with large-scale Mass Spec (MS)-based proteomic data to identify novel protein sequence variants, integrating metagenomic data with MS-based proteomic data to identify proteins expressed by microbial communities – uncovering possible biochemical contributions of the microbiome to carcinogenesis. Aims one is to develop a Galaxy compatible multi-omics visualization platform (MVP) to enable results visualization and interpretation. We will develop tools for metabolomic analysis (aim 2) and work on proteomic tool development and integration with genomic/metabolomic data (aim 3). We will also be working on training, dissemination, and community development.