The cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics

Award Type: 
U24 - Resource-Related Research Projects--Cooperative Agreements
Award Year: 
Principal Investigator(s): 
Nikolaus Schultz
Ethan Cerami
Chris Sander
Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research
The cBioPortal has become the most widely used tool within the cancer genomics community and is the most highly cited. The public site ( contains data from more than 20,000 tumor samples, including all data from The Cancer Genome Atlas, and is accessed by more than 25,000 unique users each month. To ensure that this vital resource continues to aid the cancer research community and to keep pace with the rapidly advancing fields of cancer genomics and precision cancer medicine, and the imminent steep increase in the number of profiled tumor samples, we propose to actively sustain and evolve the cBioPortal platform. Specifically, we will implement major architectural changes to the cBioPortal software to ensure future scalability and performance, and accelerate new feature development (Aim 1). We will also develop novel analysis tools for drug target discovery in large cancer genomics cohorts, as well as new features for precision cancer medicine, including for clinical trial design and the budding field of immunogenomics (Aim 2). We also plan to build and leverage a vibrant open source software development community to maintain and adapt the software and develop essential new features (Aim 3). Finally, to maximize use in the scientific community, we plan to expand community outreach and education, and create mechanisms for community engagement and feedback (Aim 4).