CIViC Hackathon and Curation Jamboree, NKI, Amsterdam, Nov 30 - Dec 2

Advancing Cancer Precision Medicine with Community Collaboration

We invite you to participate in a Clinical Interpretation Knowledgebase Hackathon and Curation Jamboree to promote the dissemination of knowledge and active discussion of the clinical significance of cancer genome alterations. This free event will be held in conjunction with the NGS in Molecular Pathology Symposium at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam. The Symposium will address how molecular diagnostics is being implemented in clinical practice, and drive the search for new insights in molecular pathology and personalized medicine.

The Jamboree and Hackathon will take the form of an 'unconference' with introductory presentations and an emphasis on hands-on activities learning to curate variants in the CIViC interface (Jamboree) or develop the CIViC code base (Hackathon). CIViC is an expert crowdsourced, open access knowledgebase for Clinical Interpretation of Variants in Cancer ( Participants are encouraged to submit curation or hackathon topics prior to the event.

Dates: Tuesday Nov 29 - Friday Dec 2, 2016 Location: Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam

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